Recycling Frequently Asked Questions in Pittsburgh, PA

Q: Do you accept drop-offs from residential customers?
A: Yes we accept drop off during business hours at our Springdale facility.

Q: How much paper do we need to have to drop off?
A: We accept anywhere from a few garbage bags full to full tractor trailer loads.

Q: Do you offer pick-up service?
A: Yes we offer commercial pickup service, by way of a box truck, tractor-trailer, and rolloff truck. We currently do not offer residential pickup service.

Q: Do you have to separate paper recyclables?
A: Yes we prefer that drop-offs are separated into 3 categories:
  1. Cardboard
  2. Newspapers/ magazines/ phonebooks/ junk mail
  3. Office paper/printers waste.

Q: Do I have to remove tape and staples from the cardboard or paper?
A: No, you do not have to remove tape and staples from your paper, as long as it is free from excessive contamination from trash, Styrofoam, and plastic.

Q: Do I have to flatten out or bundle my cardboard?
A: No, you can bring your cardboard to us however it is easiest for you to transport.

Q: Do you have drop-off sites closer to where I live?
A: Yes, we also have drop-off locations near you that are 24-hour access, please call us at (724) 275-7285 to find one nearest to you.

Please call or email any other questions you may have:
(724) 275-7285 or message us on Facebook.